No Strings Attached Review 2023: Is it a Legitimate Dating Site?

Active audience87%
Quality matches78%
Popular age18-24
Profiles1 200 000
Response rate71%
Ease of use9
FraudVery rarely




The 5 most important facts about No Strings Attached 

1. No Strings Attached is a dating site that has been in operation since 1999, making it one of the oldest and most established dating sites.
2. The site is geared towards individuals seeking casual hookups, flings or discreet affairs, rather than long-term, committed relationships.
3. No Strings Attached boasts a large user base, with over 3.5 million members worldwide.
4. The site offers several features to ensure user privacy and security, such as anonymous browsing and profile masking.
5. No Strings Attached has received mixed reviews from users, with some reporting success in finding casual partners, while others criticizing the site for containing fake profiles and a lack of active users in certain areas.

No Strings Attached is a leading platform that presents a set of users who are very clear about their needs: casual sex. This is not a site for finding long-term relationships, as users are more interested in quick connections for a short period. There are also many options for those looking to have a relationship in a discreet state.

How does No Strings Attached work?

The No Strings Attached dating platform succeeds in offering users the opportunity to meet people looking for casual sex. The site does not focus on long-term relationships, and all of its features are geared toward creating a quick encounter that would end up with a lot of fun. There are webcam shows, live messages, and several thousand images designed to get the best out of an individual’s fantasies and desires.

How does No Strings Attached work?

What about member demographics?

The main goal of No Strings Attached will be to attract single, affectionate men and women. The total size of the user base is not known, but it is estimated to be in the millions. The United States alone has more than 1.6 million users seeking casual sex, virtual sex, and more. Male users on the platform belong to different ages, as they can be found from 20 to 55 years old and beyond. At the same time, there is a sharp decrease in women over the age of 35. The site receives more than 20,000 members each month.

In terms of race, the platform is predominantly filled with Caucasians, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. However, there are no restrictions for other races to join the platform.

Special options

Members can enjoy some special features. Most of these items are available mainly to VIP users. They are as follows.

Open the door

A standard member will be able to send messages and other requests without charge. It is not possible to use this function without a registration.

Tips for cheating

Because the site has a dedicated section where users can initiate business, there is a special section to provide tips for staying discreet. There are no costs associated with using this section.

Webcam live model

Webcams provided by adult stars can be watched and interacted with by members, who can choose to spend on these stars in exchange for additional benefits. These expenditures can be in the form of tips or virtual gifts.

Live member webcams

Some members decide to go on a webcam in public or private sessions. A free user is not able to access this feature, as it is restricted to VIP members only.

Popularity privileges

This is a program that is used to reward standard members with access to certain features such as message rooms and chat rooms. It is possible to respond to any message received on these platforms. A viewer has a chance to go through 50 profiles if they collect this award. A specific set of profile views must be achieved to qualify for this offer.

Match reports.

Match reports will be able to provide users with a list of members who are able to match preferences. This list will be sent to the e-mail address that has been registered on the platform.

Spicy list

There would be several users on the platform who cannot be contacted immediately, but users will be able to add these interesting profiles to a list that can be accessed at a later stage. The

Spicy list

Unconstrained user experience

The user experience provided by No Strings Attached will be on par with some of the best platforms around. This is due to the presence of a large number of singles and attached users looking for the same thing: discreet, casual sex. Unlike other platforms where a myriad of options would exist, No Strings Attached excels in this regard. The site, however, looks dated and may need updating. Otherwise, there is little to criticize about this platform.

Usability and unconstrained Web site design: key points

The site is designed specifically for secret affairs and casual sex. This requires a greater need to have security measures on the platform. Therefore, users can access many privacy settings from the account page. Email notification can be hidden or displayed at this time. Most of the functionality of the site is very easy to understand, while a simple design is used for the most part. Simplicity, however, does not translate into the presence of the mobile app simply because the mobile app does not exist. It makes it very difficult to navigate the site from a mobile browser, especially considering the small size of the buttons.

Mobile app from no linked string

The biggest drawback of No Strings Attached is the lack of a mobile app at a time when users rely heavily on smartphones to use many dating platforms. It is also a big surprise that the platform does not present a mobile-friendly option even when using a mobile browser.

Customer service options and facilities.

Customer support is available in the form of a comprehensive help center, which contains information on every single element of the platform. The help section is very comprehensive as it manages to address in the form of doubt. However, No Strings Attached is a simple platform that does not require much experience.

Customer support options and facilities

User profile creation and unfettered registration experience

The user profile can be created on No Strings Attached immediately after verifying the email by a unique code. The verification process also sends a password, which must be used for the login process. Shortly after using the login credentials, a user is directed to the profile page. This process is very crucial as it helps maintain a high standard within the platform. The user has the option to enter their preferred status of the potential match before providing personal details such as birthday, location, body type, height, endowment and relationship preference, among others. A small description can also be added to gain more visibility among competitors.

After completing the profile information process, users will be redirected to the payment page where they can choose to make payment or continue further with a free subscription.

Registration process

The registration process on No Strings Attached is quick and easy. It will only take a few minutes to get started. A user must enter his or her preferred username and the e-mail to be associated with the account. Then, a player will receive their login password and activation e-mail. Now, the registration process is almost over, as the next login will redirect users to the filler information on their profile.

How do profile verification and quality methods position themselves?

Once a profile is placed in No Strings Attached, it becomes visible to everyone. However, free users are not able to visit a profile, as a VIP membership is required for this purpose. Profile information can be changed at a later stage, but there are many details in these profiles. This could be because the registration page immediately redirects users to the profile information page, whereas some online dating sites redirect a new user to the dashboard.

The user is accepted on the platform only after verifying the account by e-mail. Although this is not the most foolproof way, it has its advantages. There are sufficient techniques to ensure that the information entered on the platform is secure, but profile pictures will not be free for all users.

How do profile verification and quality methods rank?

Search tool offered by no linked string

The search tool provided by No Strings Attached is quite comprehensive, as users can be searched by several parameters. Basically, this tool is free for all members. In addition to searching for users, you can also try searching for videos. The different filters available in the search tool make it very good in terms of accuracy levels. The basic filters available on relationship status, gender, location, age, and more. More advanced filters will be membership, ethnicity, body type, eye color, language, education, religion, and more. Such an advanced tool is needed to spread through the wide user base, especially when looking for random connections in the United States.

Texting and matching process

The matching system on the platform works based on the preferences entered by users. Therefore, it is imperative to pay special attention when entering preferences, as it would determine the type of matches presented by the operating system. The site has a number of basic tools that are used for communication purposes, and these include ads, flirting or simply sending a text. There are also options such as marking a video or photo as a favorite. You can also create a private network within the site so that all activity is kept discreetly. This is one of the strengths of the site.

Subscription options

There are two main subscription options available on No Strings Attached: free and VIP. The latter will come at a cost that may vary depending on the length of the plan. There are numerous advantages to becoming a paid member on the platform while staying free also has its own set of benefits.

Subscription options

Free user and benefits

A free user has no restrictions when it comes to creating an account or using the search feature to examine profiles. However, they will not be able to access a profile without a paid subscription. Up to the point of getting the VIP pass, users can fiddle with their free membership, which can also be used to upload videos or watch videos that have already been uploaded. A free user can also start a webcam session and begin their own broadcasting process.

The real benefits of No Strings Attached may only be available through a VIP subscription. It unlocks several features such as the ability to view a profile, send a text to someone, watch highlights, capture live action from a model’s webcam, change gender, or even make a phone call. Compared to other platforms and the segment, No Strings Attached is quite moderate in terms of pricing. In addition to the basic plans, users can also opt for additional features that help them stand out in search results or increase contact opportunities for other members.

Pricing options available

The pricing option for a three-month VIP package will be $59.95, but this will come with an additional month free. A one-month VIP package will cost $29.95. Users can also take advantage of features such as Highlights, which offers additional benefits such as better placement in search results. This will cost users $24.90 for three months, while a one-month plan will cost $9.90. The Open The Door package will cost $35.90 and has the benefit of increasing the ability of other members to contact or get in touch. If this seems to be too expensive, a one-month package can also opt for $19.90.

Stopping subscription without strings

The No Strings Attached site does not offer an option to cancel a subscription once purchased. The automatic renewal process can be turned off so that users do not incur any charges for the following months when they have decided not to use the premium subscription. At the same time, users will not be refunded if they decide to cancel in the middle. The cost of canceling the subscription will be quite high.

Stopping the subscription without strings

Safety and security measures

There are several features designed to protect No Strings Attached users in case of problems arising from the platform or members. In the latter case, the user has more options, such as reporting a spammer or a person who does not meet the terms and conditions. This would eventually lead to the removal of the problematic user from the platform after review. If a user causes a lot of problems even on a personal level, he or she can be blocked.

Competitors and unfettered alternatives

Although No Strings Attached is a brilliant platform that offers excellent simplicity and a good set of features, there are some good alternatives on the market. They are:

Ashley Madison

This is one of the best options when it comes to discreet business, as it is a platform that takes a lot to security. Although male users have to pay to be part of the platform, it is definitely worth it considering the quality of the people on the platform. Ashley Madison is also popular in different parts of the world.


AdultFriendFinder is a platform for finding more than just one type of pleasure, as it has sufficient capabilities to offer options for casual hookups, discreet sex, short-term relationships, or long-term relationships. However, the first three are generally preferred on AdultFriendFinder, which has been around for a long time. Over the years, it has been able to make sufficient changes and become a great platform, even in modern times. The user base is well over 50 million, making AdultFriendFinder one of the largest online dating platforms. Despite the presence of many fake profiles, AdultFriendFinder is an excellent choice.


Final Thoughts

No Strings Attached is an excellent platform for affectionate or single individuals to seek casual sex. The site makes no qualms about the type of users it caters to. This makes it very easy for people using the platform, as you can take advantage of different options knowing very well that the user is likely to receive mutual interest on the platform. No Strings Attached is also aware that the new generation of users is beginning to demand more forms of casual sex, and some may even involve desires that do not include physical encounters. For example, features such as Live WebCam meet make it easy for users to have cyber sex. No Strings Attached is also an excellent choice for busy people if they are eager to have fun outside of their marriage.

What are alternative?

No Strings Attached is a dating site designed for people looking for casual relationships with no emotional attachment. It claims to have a large user base, including singles, couples and groups.

In terms of legitimacy, the site appears to be reputable, but as with any dating site, there are always risks involved. Users should exercise caution and ensure that they take appropriate security measures to protect their privacy and personal information.

Some users have reported success in finding casual partners through No Strings Attached, while others have had less positive experiences. It is important to remember that results may vary depending on individual preferences and desired outcomes.

Overall, No Strings Attached is a legitimate dating site that caters to a specific niche of the dating world. It may be worth a try if you are looking for casual relationships with no strings attached, but as with any dating site, users should exercise caution and take appropriate safety measures.


No Strings Attached is a dating site that focuses on casual sex and discreet relationships. The site caters to a wide range of users, and has a responsive interface with a range of features available to VIP users. The registration process is simple and straightforward, and the site offers a comprehensive help center. However, there is no mobile app and the site’s design looks outdated. The search tool is comprehensive with several filters available for users to narrow down their preferences. The site has a high response rate, with over 1.2 million profiles and a monthly user base of over 20,000. Overall, No Strings Attached is a legitimate platform for those seeking casual relationships.