Fuckbook Site Review

Fuckbook Site Review

Fuckbook USA is a dating site for all those who wish to fulfill their most hidden sexual desires. The platform, which is open to all men and women of legal age, requires free registration.

After entering some basic information, such as what you are looking for, whether you are looking for a homosexual or heterosexual partner (even if you are a couple), your age, your e-mail (absolutely confidential and, therefore, not visible to other members), you have to choose your username and confirm the activity of the new profile by clicking on the link, which is sent precisely in your e-mail.

Fuckbook USA is the USAn version of this large U.S. portal, which boasts a community of more than 5 million people.

How it works

At this point you have full access to the USA Fuckbook. Certainly the first thing that strikes one is the ease of use of the main features, all of which are visible in a pop-up side menu:

  • the feed, to discover other users’ profiles;
  • the search and display of subscribed users (it is possible to geolocate it and thus view only the profiles of those who are closest, also using an internal filter that shows new subscribers, those who have a photo album, etc.);
  • matches, i.e., the compatibility tool, which, based on the platform’s internal algorithm, shows the profiles of the most like-minded users, who can be added to one’s network of contacts and with whom one can start exchanging messages or gifts;
  • the live cam, i.e., fuckbook shows, which allows you to see the sexual performances of boys and girls, whose performances are selected according to the relevant category.
fuckbook how it works

How much does it cost

Membership is free and allows you to create a profile, upload photos, and find interested partners by geolocating your search, so the basic services are free. However, the subscription provides a number of additional features, which allow full use of the platform and which are:

  • unlimited messages and gifts;
  • Premium badges and Karma Boost;
  • no ads;
  • always respond to members.

There are two subscription solutions: the first is the most popular, the cost is monthly and is €29.95, which is charged every 30 days; the second corresponds to a quarterly plan whose cost, every 90 days, is €14.95.

As a reminder, Fuckbook is completely free for women. FUCKBOOK OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Fuckbook reviews

Let’s start by saying that the platform comes with a really inviting name, reminiscent of the famous social network Facebook: by simply substituting two letters, its purpose has been completely subverted, so instead of socializing with one’s circle of friends, sharing posts, pictures and videos of kittens, Fuckbook instead provides for meeting people, who love sex and with whom to share hot experiences.

The site is very easy to navigate and everything focuses on personal photos, which are posted on one’s wall and can be commented on by other users, just as happens with Facebook. Of course, one can exchange messages, photos and gifts to make courtship more explicit.

The platform, bringing together users from every country, has an obvious limitation: the chat tool, in fact, can involve people far away, even from the other side of the world, so one frequently finds oneself being overwhelmed with messages in unknown languages. Only with the internal search tool is it possible to view the profiles of those who are nearby, thus making the conversation more engaging and, perhaps, even arranging a live meeting.

The addition of an internal filter that can be turned on and off as desired, then, limiting contacts to one’s nationality would certainly be very convenient for users, especially those who do not speak English or other languages.

All in all, however, it can be said that the platform fulfills its task: to play with perfect strangers, to show themselves in racy sexual images, and to enjoy seducing and being seduced without any kind of inhibition.

In short, we can say. Fuckbook works, we reviewed it, in fact, only after testing it for several days: within moments of registering, by entering a photo in which only the mouth of one of our co-workers was shown, we received a lot of contacts, all interested in exchanging photos or initiating a Skype video call for a real sextying date.

The users, therefore, are absolutely real, proof the fact that with some we exchanged more and more photos and initiated a brief conversation to understand what prompted them to register on the platform: of course, sex experienced without limits, but above all, showing yourself as you are and giving free rein to your perversions.

Fuckbook is definitely worth trying.