Adult Friend Finder Site Review

Adult Friend Finder Site Review
Girls Online are Over 2.2K
Mobile Friendly Yes
Support Friendly 24/7 Support

Some Features of Adult Friend Finder

  • Allows the users to browse the content and search profiles free of cost
  • The horny site allows users to get more detailed on their profiles hence from a single page; you can access more personal data.
  • Mobile adaptation and a mobile app.
  • One can rate other profiles and at the same time see his rating as given by other members.
  • Reasonable prices are available to everyone
  • The site’s geological mapping system will help you see who is online and who you can team up with from your location and get a bang from the hot ladies.
  • Modern interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Also, there are numerous features and shows that you'll like;
  • registration process is very fast and less demanding
  • The site offers easy to use home page features
  • The service of the search is free;
  • Big database of sex workers and reviews.
  • High level of the audience
  • To use the full websites features, a user has to update to VIP subscription.
  • consists mainly of members from USA and UK.
  • The site has more men than women

If you are looking for a sex-only dating site, for sure. Adult Friend Finder is a portal to be taken into SERIOUS consideration.

Definitely very famous, it is more of an international sex social network, the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and have webcam sex or meet live.

But let’s cut to the chase: does Adult Friend Finder work?

To answer this question, we tested the site for an entire month, so as to operate directly in the field and understand all the strengths and weaknesses of the ultimate adult dating site, how it works and whether, in the end, it is really worth signing up for.

So, here’s what we’re going to talk about together:

  • Adult Friend Finder: reviews by staff.
    • What is Adult Friend Finder
    • First impact and graphic appearance
    • Ease of using the portal
    • Membership and types of subscriptions
    • Security and privacy
    • Quality and quantity of users
    • Main functions and pluses
    • Level of customer care
  • Pros and cons of hot dating site
  • Adult Friend Finder: opinions and final judgment

Adult Friend Finder: reviews by the staff

As anticipated, before we turn to the reviews of Adult Friend Finder, we would like to specify that we tested the site for a whole month, chatting with both USAn and foreign users. We entered chat every day, maximizing the possibilities of knowledge, interaction and contacts. So, our opinions about Adult Friend Finder are based solely and only on personal experience Of our team members.

What is Adult Friend Finder?

Despite being a dating site for casual sex, Adult Friend Finder is actually much more than that. In fact, it is defined as a real community for sex enthusiasts of all types, orientations and fantasies, without too many filters.

It is definitely more akin to a social network than a regular adult dating site, precisely because here you can follow and/or blog, write posts, respond to and comment on your own and others’ posts. In short, a very different dynamic than usual. This makes it a peculiar portal, in some respects-which we will see shortly-very appealing and above all exciting.

First impact and graphic appearance of AFF

Given the vocation and especially the international scope of the portal, it is clear that the first impact and graphic appearance are interesting.

The homepage opens with an inviting message – Join the world’s largest sex and swingers community – that really hints at what lies ahead. As proof, we also find numerical indications about the active connections at that moment, live broadcasts and hot photos posted: boy, what numbers!

In short, the impact is immediate, very clear, and it is immediately clear that those who sign up here are not doing so to look for soul mates, but only and only sex and of different gender. We like this kind of forthright communication very much, so let’s make a point right away.

Important to keep in mind that the site starts in English but you can view it completely in USAn by selecting the language at the bottom right of the site as shown in the image:

Ease of using the portal

The user friendliness of this portal should definitely be rewarded. Certainly, there is a lot of work behind it and it is evident.

The actions to be taken are immediate, facilitated by precise descriptions that are always very intuitive. This certainly benefits a wide audience, especially those who are not exactly digital natives or overly familiar with technology.

Here the problem does not arise at all. Among other things, being conceived as a kind of social network particularly benefits its use.

Membership and types of subscriptions

Adult Friend Finder membership is free, but clearly limited to specific features. In any case, it’s a good way to get inside the portal and look around a bit, get a feel for the air.

If, however. you want to get serious about it, then you need to subscribe.

Currently, you can join Gold Subscription by taking advantage of three different formulas:

  • 1-month subscription: €14.95
  • 3-month membership: €39.80 + 1 month free
  • 12-month membership: €125.10 + 6 months free

We bought the one-month subscription, since it is only a test, but economically it is not the most convenient. It’s certainly a good way to see if it’s really the right portal for you, but then you’ll want to upgrade at least to the quarterly membership.

But that’s not the end of the story.

In fact, Adult Friend Finder allows you to add pluses to one’s subscription, by paying an additional amount, viz:

  • Standard Contacts: is a special feature of AFF that allows you to have your profile seen by free users as well as to receive friend requests from them. This plus can also be paid for in different ways:
    • 1 month €17.95
    • 3 months 32.85 €
    • 12 months 95.40 €
  • Highlighted profile: with this plus, the portal puts your profile at the top of search lists, in comments and among private messages. A kind of pre-emption, in short. You can join this feature in several ways:
    • 1 month €8.95
    • 3 months 23.85 €
  • Adult movies: allows you to watch adult movies with quality streaming or download them. This feature can be purchased in 3 different formulas:
    • 1 month €18.95
    • 3 months 38.85 €
    • 12 months 119.40 €

It is clear that all these ancillary functions are really intriguing, even if the costs rise not a little. But while the first two pluses are very useful for getting more contacts and making lots of new friends, on the other hand the third plus should be considered more like a regular subscription to a cable TV service.

Our advice is to scrutinize well the costs and special features that can be added to the Gold profile, and to allow yourself the fun of joining at least occasionally, if you cannot do otherwise.

Security and privacy

Adult Friend Finder adopts high-level security protocols, ensuring maximum privacy for its users.

You can freely decide how, when and with whom to disclose yourself, otherwise you can continue to act anonymously. The identity of members is absolutely protected, as well as sensitive credit card information.

Quality and quantity of the membership

This is certainly a strength of the site, because there are so many, so many members! They range both as an age range and in relation to sexual preference. One can sign up even as a man, woman, straight or gay couple, as well as a group or as TS/TV/TG. Basically, there is no limit to the case.

The fact that it is an international site allows you to delve into other contexts as well, that is, among non-USAn members, but only if you want to. There is no shortage of USAn members: apparently there are over 2 million!

In any case, if it’s about having sex on cam or watching a hot show, here’s where geographic origin really becomes optional and you can approach any profile.

In terms of the quality of users, we have to admit that the portal is very strict about this, carrying out strict checks constantly. A couple of fakes we found, but nothing much and especially nothing compared to many other sites of this kind.

Another thing to point out is that there is no or almost no filter here in terms of sex: everyone is free to express themselves and to post spicy photos and videos, without being reported or banned. The whole thing is set up with a simple and open sexuality in mind, on many levels and with no particular limits.

Main features and pluses

Here we could talk about it for hours. It is a very, very rich portal, not only in users, but also in functions.

Precisely because designed on par with a social network, one can have a real space to express oneself and perform. You can operate live videos, interact with other posts (like Facebook, for instance), follow other blogs, chat in themed rooms (BDSM, trans, fetish, etc.) and much more.

Each space is designed as a hot, indeed super hot, community!

In addition, you can perform on cam and earn money: and yes, you really have a lot of fun on Adul Friend Finder!

Level of customer care

The level of customer care is medium to high, responses from customer care actually arrive within the stated 24 hours.

We admit, however, that we tested the support very mildly, as there was no real reason to do so.

Pros and cons of the Adult Friend Finder dating site.

Let us now look at a brief and more incisive overview recap, analyzing what are the pros and cons of Adult Friend Finder In our personal experience.

For us, the advantages are:

  • International site
  • Free registration
  • Low cost
  • Ability to customize your own profile
  • Multiple social network-style features
  • High user friendly
  • Presence of a real and practically boundless user base
  • Excellent level of security and privacy
  • Site dedicated only to sex
  • Streaming hot videos from users

Instead, for us, the disadvantages are:

  • Site dedicated only to sex
  • More oriented to online activities, than offline

As you can see, we have included in both the pros and cons the point “site dedicated only to sex.” This is because while for some this element may be a problem, for others it is practically web heaven.

Opinions and final judgment

We have almost reached the end of this review, and it only remains for us to outline our opinions on Adult Friend Finder with its final judgment.

This portal surprised us in a positive way. It’s the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and have sex online, without inhibitions and without a lot of fuss, which we often get lost in on other online dating sites.

This, however, does not preclude the possibility of materializing a live meeting: just choose, among the many users, those who live in your area by setting search filters. Or, alternatively, you can join one or more of the groups present or create one ad hoc. Out of two and a half million USAn users, there is certainly a lot of meat to the fire!

Inside, one moves easily, without too much difficulty, since the whole thing is designed precisely to be user friendly to the maximum.

The user base is extremely diverse, definitely very free, partly because the control here is more on the fake users than on the content. Be careful, however, this does not mean that anything can be done, only that everything is allowed within the limits of “decency.”

The portal is then open to all kinds of sexual preference, age, gender and so on, and it is a lot of fun to meet and compare, especially in the various groups.

On a particularly positive note, the live streams are a super hot time that really delighted us, in every sense of the word. And considering that it is an international site, there is always someone online, even on the other side of the world.

Ultimately, back to our original question: Does Adult Friend Finder work? For us, absolutely yes, and we feel strongly recommend that you sign up for it., whether you are a loafer or a traveler: it will be wonderful to meet live the foreign chick you had webcam sex with. It will be our turn in a while–we will keep you updated!