Swap Sites: Here are the Best Sites for Couple Exchange

Those looking for new swinging couples, know that the Internet is a real gold mine: yes true, but only if you catch the right portal! Precisely for this reason we have compiled reviews of the best swingers sites, so that everyone can sift through and choose the one they think is most suitable.

We have viewed and tried many of them, but not all of them convinced us or piqued our interest, so we will not offer you the complete list of all tested swingers sites, but only those worth mentioning.

In this article, therefore, we will address these topics:

  • reviews of the best sites for swingers
  • Why swingers sites are better than private clubs
  • 3 tips for choosing a site right

Reviews of the Best 9 Swap Sites

Let us now come to the ones that are our reviews of the best sites for swinging couples. We will divide them into two main categories:

  • Those that are fair, but not excellent
  • those that are the top

Top 3 best sites for swingers, reviews and opinions

Let’s first see which ones are the best ones and that we have personally tested, namely those portals dedicated to couple exchange that really prove to be the top.

1. Couples Swap Club

home page swingers site

For us it is the best site for swingers among those tested and, not surprisingly, is the first in USA in terms of preferences. The user base is all Americann, which ensures that you will always find a couple near you.

Users are real and constantly monitored, so that there are no mercenaries or scammers around that could compromise their enjoyment.

Very interesting is the fact that you can access it with a free trial account, so you can try out all the various features and begin, just by doing so, to get to know swinging couples.

The graphics are very intriguing and you navigate there comfortably, so that even the less tech-savvy can find like-minded users quickly and smoothly. If you want, you can also read a our review on this site.

For us it is definitely the absolute best site for Americann swingers! Link to CouplesScambisteClub.

2. Inter Swingers

Here again we are in front of a portal for swingers with an international matrix, but the Americann section is well done and complete. One can use the geolocation function to find couples closest to one’s home and to enjoy chat and webcams. Very nice is Speedflirt, clearly inspired by the more classic speed dating. Link to Inter Swingers.

There is a fee for the site.

3. Adult Friend Finder

This is the perfect site for those who are looking for bedfellows and, most importantly love fetish. The section dedicated to swingers is very large and well managed. The graphics are pleasant and quite intuitive.

The user base is international, but the internal setting system allows you to easily find the users closest to you or at least in your preferred city or country. Membership is free, but some features are very small such as the search facility limited to only 200 users (at most). Link to AdultFriendFinder

Discreet swingers sites, opinions and reviews

Now instead we will talk about discreet swinger sites, that is, those that have their own interesting usability, but demonstrate several flaws to deal with.

4. Spicy Match

Spicy match is a site designed for a purely European audience, so the same argument applies as for SDC. One can find, however, many more Americann swinging couples than the previous one, although still in limited numbers compared to the international ones.

Membership is free, but even here the functions are limited. In any case, one gets a good understanding of both its use and potential even so, and if convinced, one can easily move on to purchase a small subscription.

The site also specializes in organizing events for swingers in the various private clubs in USA and the rest of Europe, as well as vacations and speed dates for swingers.

5. SDC

It is one of the most popular sites in the United States of America and Anglo-Saxon countries. So, it can boast a high number of foreign couples, mostly. There are also Americann couples, but they are not the majority.

Certainly Is a site for swinging couples who travel a lot, but it can also be used by those who live in big tourist cities and are always looking for new couples to make friends with.

The site is pay-only and often organizes luxurious international cruises for swinging couples.

6. Classifieds 69

Annunci 69 is designed for almost exclusively Americann users, so apart from a few exceptions it will be rare to find foreign swinging couples. The graphics are rather bare, but there are numerous sections that can be accessed even without registration. There are, in addition, many ads to consult of all types and not only dedicated to swingers. Very useful is the map of the various car sex in USA.

The free registration is very tight and does not allow full enjoyment of the various functions of the site, and some may not appreciate it or, at any rate, understand its potential.

7. The Offering Wife (The Cuckold)

Here we return to what was said earlier, that one must first define one’s sexual needs and desires and then choose the right site.

The offered wife is a classic example of this. Indeed, this site is designed exclusively for cuckold couples and very rare are the couples who aim for “traditional” couple exchange. So, if you are a cuckold or a bull, this portal is for you, otherwise not.

We also specify that the site allows free registration, but that the functions are very limited for basic users and it is obviously necessary to purchase a subscription in order to have full usability. In addition to the various categories and albums present, we point out the interesting forum within the site.

8. Morena Sex

È one of the longest-running industry portals ever, online for at least 20 years. Although it contains many alternatives, curiosities and is well frequented, the graphics and usability are a bit stuck in the 1990s and it becomes really intricate to be able to untangle between one section and another.

Too much flashing, too much information all at once might put you off continuing and signing up.

9. Punga Club

It is a general dating site, but has an interesting swingers section. The graphics are very bare, but certainly the eye falls on the large number of messages, photos and comments on the portal. Also a good alternative for singles and those who do not disdain anything when it comes to sex.

Membership is free, but limited.

Why swingers sites are better than private clubs

The question seems obvious, but it is not always so self-evident, especially to those who are approaching this world for the first time or are just starting out.

In general, we can say that private clubs are a great way to meet new swinging couples, but they have specific opening and closing times and days and, often, impose a specific dress code.

In addition, you will almost certainly have to grind miles before you get to the first useful private club, as they are frequently located outside the city and in isolated areas, which, yes, guarantee a lot of discretion but are also often creepy.

Last but not least, the entrance fee or the subscription fee is definitely high ( usually around 200 euros) and you may not always be able to find a couple with whom you click!

On the contrary, swinger sites have a whole range of indisputable advantages, including:

  • you can connect at any time of the day, being open 24 hours a day
  • you just need a smartphone, tablet or pc to access them
  • you don’t need any dress code to comply
  • you will always have a wide choice of couples from which to sift, both Americann and foreign
  • if you don’t click with one couple, you can easily move on to another using the site’s search features
  • have subscription costs significantly lower
  • you can often sign up for free and access the main features without spending a euro, so you can test them out and decide whether and which subscription to buy

3 Tips for choosing the right portal

Choosing the right couple exchange site is by no means a simple matter, because on many the catch is just around the corner. In addition to the reviews you can read here, we give you 3 tips to further help you in your choice. In fact, you may perhaps have special needs and be looking for a very specific portal, but be left with the doubt of whether or not to sign up because you don’t know whether it is reliable or not.

After giving you our three tips, it will be clearer and easier for you, trust us!

1. Define what you are looking for

Many neglect this point with the result that then the site, although excellently usable, is discarded.

Instead, it is important to define your needs early on, so that you can test only the couple exchange sites that are right for you. For example, if you plan to swing with foreign couples because you may be traveling abroad a lot, it is rather pointless to target Americann-only swingers’ sites, isn’t it? Having defined that, instead, you can play it safe and consider only what really interests you.

2. Security and anonymity

You know how important discretion is when it comes to sex, so at this juncture, too. it is essential that the site on which you plan to sign up provides you with security and anonymity. This must apply both in reference to the sensitive data you enter, as well as to your credit card information; but most importantly, that it gives you full discretion as to whether, when and how to reveal your identity.

To verify that a portal complies with these characteristics, you need only consult the terms and conditions of use or the FAQ. If you have any doubts, you can always contact support and ask for more information.

3. Try it for free

Many sites allow you to sign up for free and test their features and pluses fully (a few) or partially (most) so you can see if it’s right for you or not.

This allows you to directly test the qualities of the individual portal, so you can understand whether or not you like it, but more importantly.

it helps you define the overall seriousness, usability, and, most importantly, whether and how well attended it is.